WNOL Radio

About WNOL Radio

WNOL 's purpose is to promote the spiritual health of Christians and spread the Gospel of Christ throughout the lost world.

More about our  station

We believe that Christians need daily nourishment from God.  This station intends to give a part of that nourishment to our listeners by playing music that lifts our hearts toward God and programs that teach God's Word.  We hope that you, our listeners, will take the encouragement you get from WNOL and continue to pursue spiritual growth through daily walking in newness of life in your own personal Bible study.

WNOL became what it is today partly because of an internet radio station called KDLC which began in Edinburg, Texas in 2010.  KDLC moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2012 and then to Lancaster in 2014.  KDLC was a Classic Christian radio station playing music much like what we have on WNOL now.  WNOL was a prompting of the Holy Spirit during a phone conversation between Bob Jones and  Ken Lilley.  We desire to have a radio station to serve Lancaster, Ohio and the world.  WNOL does that through music and programing by "speaking the truth in love"  to facilitate growth in Christ (Ephesians 4:15 & 16).